King of Investment Payment Gateway Additional Characteristicskin

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As we promised you that we will give you premium quality services. So we are here to provide you some additional features of King of investment payment gateway.

In the past, users had to enter his/her information whenever he/she needed to transaction or payment to any gateways. KOI is a smart Payment gateway that overcomes this problem and brings an easy process for you.

In addition to accepting online transactions, Our payment gateway is capable of providing you the following features for your ease.

1.KOI payment storage information:

Koi payment gateway stores your payment/ transaction information in their strong database. So You don’t need to re-enter the data. Your information will be stored in encrypted form. So You need not be worried regarding your data security.

2. KOI Encryption Method:

KOI payment gateway encrypts your payment information before them transmitted to the processing bank.  KOI is secure with an end to end encryption method. So all the data is 100 % secure. This feature made KOI official’s Unique and up to standard in the market.

3. KOI Virtual Terminal end:

KOI payment gateway method gives you a virtual terminal where you can enter your debit or credit card information on a web browser or application browser instead of physical card processing.  In this terminal you input your card’s information into the KOI web browser and your information will be verified and encrypted for future use. The processing rate will always drop when the card is present.

4. KOI Recurring Billing information:

KOI payment gateway also stores your billing information and asks you before the transaction by showing your previous billing information. Now it’s up to you and also based on your requirement whether you enter new data or previous one.

5. KOI PCI Compliance.

KOI payment gateway is embedded with PCI compliant. KOI officials accept your payment securely. KOI is not putting extra charges on any of its customers.

6. KOI Integration:

KOI allows you to integrate its payment gateway with your business application. This Feature increases the useability of your business application and makes you able to move fast for the payment process.

7.  KOI Telegram Group:

KOI officials provide their services in Telegram official group for their followers. On a daily basis, this group keeps you updated with much financial information.

8. KOI API tools and developer information

 KOI payment gateways allow you to customize your dashboard according to your business requirement. This feature gives you a smooth working effect in your business application.

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