Canon imagePRESS C165 Inspires You To Do More

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Are you looking for a printer that is fast, provides quality prints and is cost-effective? Then Canon imagePRESS C165 is the ultimate printer that will suit your purposes. An aesthetically pleasing and highly effective printer, Canon imagePRESS C165 is a technologically advanced digital printing machine and will help print shops, businesses and creative agencies to achieve much more in a lesser span of time. A multifunction machine, the Canon imagePRESS C165 performs a variety of functions like printing, scanning, copying, and storing to name a few. Here are a few benefits of the Canon imagePRESS C165 that will inspire you to do more.


A slow and inefficient printer can hamper your productivity and negatively impact your business. But with a print speed of 65 A4 pages per minute, outstanding consumables, along with toner and paper replenishments, the Canon imagePRESS C165 will not only save you precious time and money but also ensure the maximum output.


Are you worried that sensitive data might be leaked when the document is being sent from the computer to the printer? The Canon imagePRESS C165 has been specially designed to prevent any leakage of data. The printer comprises optimal multilayered security solutions. This helps protect data both on the device and when it is being sent from the computer to the printer. The printer offers protection against malware making it more secure for businesses.


The Canon imagePRESS C165 provides seamless connectivity. It supports Wi-Fi, USB drives and mobile apps. Apart from the convenience that the printer has to offer, you will also be assured of a superior quality print whether you take the print from your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Saves power

A machine that draws excessive power can prove detrimental for businesses, especially small companies. If your printer is using more power it is time to switch over to the Canon imagePRESS C165. The printer is designed to consume less power. The extremely low power consumption of around 2kW makes it an ideal equipment for all types of set up whether big or small.


With the competition increasing, businesses are looking for machines that are extremely fast. Here the Canon imagePRESS C165 has an edge over other printers. The machine supports a scan speed of 240/200ipm at 300dpi, digital speed of 65ppm, 190 lpi screening, single-pass Duplex colour scanner etc., which gives the best quality images.

The benefits of the Canon imagePRESS C165 are far too many. Apart from the above-mentioned ones, the machine offers wide media support, saves space, makes work easier and is easy to use. So to boost creativity, productivity and increase your business, upgrade your office equipment with the Canon imagePRESS C165, which is one of the best printer for commercial use.

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