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Have you ever asked the question; what exactly is the internet? Most of you already know how to use the internet, but cannot really explain how it works.

What Exactly is The Internet?

The internet is a dynamic process that involves the connection of a particular computer or mobile device to other computers scattered across the globe in order for communication between people to occur. This is easy to understand! There exists a type of connection that makes it possible for computers across the globe to form a world wide network through which messages can be exchanged over long distances as long as people are willing to join the network as subscribers.

The internet is like an organized chaos, which exists to extend your daily offline experiences by linking you to messages other people who may reside very far from you have made available through the webpages of websites. We intentionally referred to the internet as an organized chaos, because of the size and complexity of the connections it involves. However, in spite of its complex nature, internet connections are made possible through the observance of strict rules popularly called Internet Protocol (IP) by internet techies.

How Does The Internet Work?

The internet works like the everyday telephone communications you make, in which you use one telephone device to connect to another telephone device through the services of a network provider. In a similar vein, the internet, using a computer or a mobile device connects to another computer through the efforts of an internet service provider (ISP).

Having understood what the internet is and how it works, it is necessary to understand what exactly happens on the internet i.e. how people use the internet to their benefit.

How Do People Use The Internet?

Based on your personal experiences, you will readily agree with me that people use the internet in the following ways:

    • To get Information: these days, people use the internet to find specific information they desire which may be in the form of news updates, blog posts, research findings, photographs, biographies, How-to-do articles etc.
    • To Find Entertainment: There are millions of cool and humorous stuff, inspirational messages, music, movies, and other interesting materials on the internet that help relax, refresh, and stimulate the human mind. Through the internet, these materials can be cheaply obtained.
    • To Stay In Touch With Friends, Relatives, Clients and Associates: The internet defies the limitations of space and time to keep people, who may be separated by distance, in close personal communication with each other.
  • To Make Money: The internet has the potential to serve as a marketing instrument for bringing together product and service providers and their target consumers (i.e those who need their market offerings) in order for exchange processes to occur. This means that the internet can help marketers interact with their target consumers so that money can be exchanged for the enjoyment of specific products and services that satisfy human needs.

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