About Web Proxies and Anonymous Web Surfing

If you are at work, at school, or on a secure computer network, using anonymous surfing websites like ours, unblockschoolcomputers.com, will allow you to access websites that are normally blocked by your networking administrator. This is done using something called proxy technology. When you are surfing the web normally, your internet browser will send information to the website you are trying to access such as the version of the browser you are using as well as your IP address. If you do not wish this information to be sent a proxy website like this one is the best way to do so.

You can also use proxy websites to access blocked sites on a secure network. Once you log on to our proxy website you need to type in the URL you are trying to access. Then our website will open up the blocked website within itself using proxy technology allowing you to browse it when you normally could not. This is because your system administrator has not blocked our website so you can browse freely using proxies.

If you are concerned about your system security you can also use our proxy website as well to browse the internet safely and anonymously. If you aren’t under the protection of a proxy, while you are browsing the internet you are leaving a traceable footprint to all the sites you go to. This is because your browser will forward your IP address and other information to the website that you are trying to access. So, if for any reason a webmaster was required to check his or her server logs they would be able to see a list of all the IP addresses that had accessed that site.

Using simple IP look-up services it would not be very hard for anyone to find out not only what type of computer and internet browser you are using, but also be able to find your exact physical location. Many internet users do not want this type of information to be available to anyone so they choose to use a proxy website such as ours.

All in all, using a proxy website like unblockschoolcomputers.com is your best bet if you want to surf anonymously and safely on the internet. If you’re looking for an easy way to get around those pesky firewalls and be able to access your favorite websites while at school, work, or on a secure network, please don’t hesitate to scroll up and type in your favorite URL right now. Enjoy surfing anonymously and safely.